Hunt For Heritage Comox Valley

Hunt for Heritage – Comox Valley #huntforheritageCV

 What is it

To celebrate BC Family Day and BC Heritage Week Filberg Lodge and Park is inviting the Comox Valley to take part in an interactive and *Covid-19 friendly event designed to get us all outside and exploring the Valley’s history.

How it works

The Hunt for Heritage will start with one clue (Clue #1) which will be emailed to registered participants, given out through social media and posted on the Filberg website. It will point participants to the first stop on the adventure. Subsequent clues will be in the form of laminated cards posted at each heritage stop. Each card will contain the clue to the next stop on the adventure and a QR code with a link to historical information about the stop you are currently at.

Where is it

Heritage stops have been chosen in Cumberland, Royston, Courtenay and Comox. Help us to promote heritage in the Comox Valley by taking selfies at various stops along the way and upload them to the event Facebook/Instagram page or use the hashtag #huntforheritageCV.

Registered participants will be entered in a random draw to win a Comox Valley History package containing:  a 1-year membership at each of the 3 Comox Valley Museums as well as a 2021 membership with the Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park. (1 prize will be drawn on Monday February 22, the winners will be notified by email)

When is it

The Hunt for Heritage starts on ***Saturday February 13th (Family Day weekend) and runs until 5 pm on Sunday February 21st (Heritage week is Feb. 15 to 21).

Get out and discover some of the amazing history in our beautiful Valley.



To register visit our website https://filberg.com/hunt-for-heritage-comox-valley/

* All Provincial and Federal Health orders and guidelines for Covid-19 will apply. Please practice social distancing and wear a mask when required and stay safe

**Registration is not required to participate, non-registered participants will not be entered into the random-draw

***This hunt for heritage adventure is self paced; take an hour, take a day, take a week. Enjoy!

The Province of British Columbia has provided Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association a grant in support of our free, community Family Day activity. To learn more visit: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/governments/celebrating-british-columbia/bc-family-day


Clue #1

A nickname and a home, Hor Sue Mah how far he did roam. 


The Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association or any sponsors or supporters associated with this event will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury as a result of participation.