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COVID 19 – Update March 2022

We will continue to update our COVID Policies and ensure that we are following all Public Health Order mandates. Please contact the Filberg Lodge at 250.339.2715 for more details.

 No need for decorating with the natural beauty of an outdoor wedding in the Filberg Park. Different areas of the park will suit a small or large group for ceremony and photos. These areas include:

Upper Meadow

The upper meadow is a breathtaking, wide open space, overlooking the Filberg Tea House and the Comox Harbour. This space will accommodate 150+ guests.

Lower Garden

Brides can make a memorable entrance down the rustic stone stairway to meet their groom in the Lower Garden, where the stately Sycamore, Cedar and London Plane trees provide a natural shaded area close to the water. The maximum capacity in the lower garden is 85 guests.

Arbour Area

An alternative for larger groups is the natural bridal aisle of the Grape Arbour.  The Arbour area is perfect for larger weddings of up to 125 people.


Symbiosis is a quiet area where a driftwood sculpture frames a sea view and you can enjoy the aromas of the Herb Garden during your wedding. This area is suitable for wedding parties of up to 25 guests.


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