The Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association are very excited to be hosting local wildlife and nature artist Alyssa Penner to Filberg Lodge. She will be displaying and selling all sea and wildlife related artwork through out the main level of the Lodge downstairs from the Filberg Gift Shop.

The art show will coincide with the BC Seafood Festival’s Signature Weekend’s events taking place throughout Filberg Park.

To access the art show and all Signature Weekend day events, one and two day passes are available for purchase. For all details visit https://bcseafoodfestival.com/



Artist Alyssa PennerMeet the Artist

My paintings are inspired form the natural dream-like landscape residing in my “backyard” of Campbell river BC. I strive to express the feelings, vivid colors and raw beauty of the places and images I see in the natural environment. Sometimes my imagination takes over and I will make up a place and create a narrative like scene. Always keeping my camera and sketchbook close at hand enables me to capture reference and provides inspiration. I visualize a scene and bring the ideas home to put them to the canvas.

You can contact Alyssa at alyssapennerartist@gmail.com for any and all questions.
Find her on Facebook @AlyssaPennerArtwork.

Please no dogs in Filberg Park.