Liz Stubbs Cutting Garden


The Filberg Cutting Garden has been part of Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park since its inception in 1979. In 2011 it was officially named the Liz Stubbs Cutting Garden after the long-time volunteer, former board member and avid Filberg supporter.


History of Liz Stubbs Cutting Garden

The original idea, in 1979, of building a Cutting Garden in a sunny south-facing area of Filberg Park was the brainchild of Liz Stubbs.

Stubbs, who moved with her husband James and family to Baybrook Nut Farm, a nearby beachfront property, in the late 40s, became a neighbour and friend of the Filberg family.

Memories of those times, socializing at Grancuna, the Filberg home, included Florence Filberg’s love of her cutting garden and the superb flower arrangements that graced the lodge. 

Stubbs remembers the incredible support that she and the Filberg board and volunteers received after reminiscing about those times. This included then Parks Manager Bruce Helander and staff, followed by Filberg Head Gardener Joe Pendack and, in more recent years, Park Manager Al Fraser Head Gardeners Teri Karsin and Tryna McLean. Without the generosity and enthusiasm of the Town of Comox Parks Department, this project would not have become the success it is today. 

Purchase Flowers from our Cutting Garden

Our Cutting Garden is run by our volunteers and is open in late June, July, and August. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday you can purchase unique bouquets from our flower cart by donation.

Stay tuned for all of the details on when our bouquets will be ready for purchase.

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