The Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association (FHLPA) is a non-profit organization established in 1979, which has the responsibility of maintaining and restoring the heritage lodge and outbuildings in the park. All moneys raised by the FHLPA from membership sales, donations, special events and year round fundraising are used for this purpose and for the operational costs associated with managing the Filberg Park for the community to enjoy.

 Mission: The Filberg Heritage Lodge and Parks Association is dedicated to the funding, preservation and management of the lodge and park, where all are welcome to enjoy this historic setting.

Vision: Engage our communities

The Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association is run by a very dedicated and passionate volunteer Board of Directors. We would like to thank them for their hard work and continued service.

 2018 Board of Directors

Director Carol Anderson
Director Peter Arnold
Director Tom Blackburn
Director Audrey Craig
Director Peter Crawford
Director Norma Dean
Executive Secretary Wendy East
Director Kevin Moore
Director Allan Morrison
President Valerie Porteous
Treasurer Hollie Shewfelt
Town of Comox Representative Maureen Swift


STAFF  ==============
Executive Administrator  Eden Lindsay-Bodie
Facility Manager  Joe Julien
Filberg Festival Producer  Susan Lewis
Marketing/Special Events Coordinator  Brooklyn Galloway
COMMITTEES  ==============
Finance/Investments  Hollie Shewfelt
Filberg Festival & Summer Kitchen Liaison  Kevin Moore
Human Resources
Membership  Carol Anderson
Maintenance & Restoration  Kevin Moore/Tom Blackburn
Volunteers  Carol Anderson/Wendy East
Marketing & Communications
Fundraising & Special Events
Board Recruitment Valerie Porteous, Maureen Swift &Wendy East




61 Filberg Road
Comox, BC, Canada
V9M 2S7

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