Heritage Week 2023

Heritage Week Events

Visit Filberg Park this BC Family Day weekend for a fun-filled weekend of in-person and online activities.

Tour our Dairy Barn and learn about the antique tools used during the 1930s. Watch as our Facility Manager does a live demonstration using antique tools to split a beam into planks while planing it and tooling it into finished dimensional lumber that can be used throughout the Park. Learn about the process and history of the wood our Facility Manager uses (it’s from right here in the Park). Demonstrations and tours of the Dairy Barn will be on February 18 & 19 from 11 am – 2 pm.

Tour the grounds and see the wide variety of trees here on the 9-acre property. Use the QR codes to learn about some of the trees in the Park. Grab a copy of our “I Spy” brochure and find where all of the pictures in the brochure are located in the Park.

Follow along on our social media and learn a new piece of history about Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association daily from February 20 – 26..

On Monday, February 20th, visit the Filberg Lodge and get a tour of the 4,000-square-foot Scandinavian-themed lodge that took six years to build. Learn about the rich history and have your questions answered by our Tour Guides. Enjoy our storyboards and look through our copies of some of the old documents from the gardens and the Lodge.


Welcome to our podcast, stories of Filberg. This episode is an interview with Melanie Whittall, the youngest granddaughter of Robert Filberg. Robert Filberg worked his way to becoming the president of the Comox Logging and Railway Company, and under his leadership, the company expanded greatly. After his passing, he bequeathed his nine-acre property and the Lodge overlooking Comox Harbour to the Vancouver Foundation. Not wanting to see the property develop into housing, the Town of Comox petitioned the Vancouver Foundation for ownership. In 1979, the Lodge became the property of the Town of Comox and later became a Municipal Heritage site that everyone can still enjoy today.

We hope you enjoy hearing Melanie Whittall’s stories and her experiences growing up and spending her Summers with her grandpa Bob on the Filberg property.

Thank You

The Province of British Columbia has provided Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association a grant in support of our free, community Family Day activities.

To learn more visit: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/governments/celebrating-british-columbia/bc-family-day

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