Welcome to the Filberg Gift Shop ~ Vintage with style!

Open 11 am to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday

The Gift Shop will continue to display items for sale throughout the Lodge and is open every weekend from 11am to 4pm; with plans for Friday, Saturday and Sunday openings throughout the busy summer months.

Remember that our inventory is heavily reliant on high quality donations of fine china, crystal, art works, linens, flatware, curios and silver.  Please spread the word with your family and friends, so we can continue to receive donations from estates and downsizing.

We are always seeking passionate volunteers to join our Gift Shop Team.  Training is provided, with a variety of positions available.  Call us at 250-941-4414.

Finally, a huge thank you to our incredible Gift Shop volunteers. They are the backbone of the shop and the reason for our ongoing success!

Do you have items or time to donate? Please drop us a line giftshop@filberg.com