You may have noticed there are changes happening at the Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Cutting Garden. The improvements are currently underway. Once completed, there will be a slightly different layout of the garden beds so that we can grow more flowers for all of our seasonal bouquets. Additionally, there will be all brand new fencing to better stand up against the elements at our beautiful Oceanside location in Filberg Park.

The Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association (FHLPA), with the help of volunteers and the community has worked very hard fundraising through various means including the Filberg Festival Raffle and our annual Holiday Raffle to raise the funds for this project. In addition we have had generous grants from the BC Museums Association and British Columbia | Canada 150: Celebrating B.C. Communities and their Contributions to Canada grant programs.

The changes are happening to coincide with the upcoming growing season as the volunteer growers are excited to start filling the boxes with this year’s seeds, bulbs and seedlings.  If you’re in the Park, stop by and have a look at the progress. Check back here for further updates.

Learn more about the Liz Stubbs Cutting Garden in Filberg Park.

Project Update – June 25, 2018:

The cutting garden is in now full bloom. Volunteers are happily creating and displaying Filberg Park cutting garden bouquets outside of the Summer Kitchen for guests to purchase in support of the Park for a minimum donation of $5. Only while supplies last. They go fast!

Cosmos in the Liz Stubbs Cutting Garden In Filberg ParkFilberg Cutting Garden Bouquets by donation

Project Update – April 16, 2018:

‘April showers bring May flowers’. May also brings the Filberg Park Cutting Garden tour and ribbon cutting.  We hope that you can make it as we are excited to give you a tour of this lovely space.  More Info…

Filberg Cutting Garden Progress


Project Update – March 10, 2018:

Liz Stubbs Gutting Garden GateThe gate is on and the magic will be ramping up soon in the Filberg Park cutting garden. The cutting garden volunteers are looking forward the 2018 growing season.  Would you like to join our volunteer team?





Project Update – February 26, 2018:

Good progress continues to be made at the Filberg Park cutting garden. Cutting garden volunteers are gearing up for the growing season and excited to work in the upgraded space.

Filberg Cutting Garden upgrades underway